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Editor's Books, Manuscripts, and List of Publications

It has been next to impossible for the editor to get his writing published. One could easily say, yeah, that's because the writing sucks. Or one could also examine what most publishers seem to be looking for and conclude they are not looking for hardcore criticism against the established order to which most of them belong.


DISSIDENT X. A 150p unpublished compilation of Conversations with the Established Order and Other Parodias de Discursos and Diálogos con Sordos). For excerpts, read on...


OIL OF VITRIOL. Selected Poems. Petroglyph Press. 2009. 60-page chapbook of highly critical poems. $10.  For excerpts, read on...

Oil of Vitriol






















Où c’qui faut pas/WHERE A POET OUGHT NOT.  2008. Gival Press. 170pp bilingual French/English... both versions written by the editor. Poems and several essays. $15. For excerpts, read on...

Where a Poet Ought Not










































TRANSCENDENTAL TRINKETS. Unpublished 150p manuscript. Writing from and critical of Concord, Massachusetts. This is a 170-page unpublished manuscript of "Open Letters to Henry David Thoreau," broadsides, poems, journal notes, essays, satirical cartoons and watercolors. For excerpts, read on...


THE POET. Unpublished 735-page autobiographical novel. Highly critical of poets, academics, and society in general. For an excerpt, read on...


TOTAL CHAOS:  Behind the Scenes of a National Blue-Ribbon High School. 2001. People's Press. 315-page autobiographical novel. $12. For an excerpt, read on...


BERTHING. Unpublished 160-page autobiographical novella of life onboard a US Navy destroyer. For an excerpt, read on...


BERTHING. Unpublished 60-page, three-act play. 


SUBURBANITICA: Journal of a Citizen Lost in Alienation in America. Unpublished 300-page, autobiographical nonfiction novel critical of suburban life in Concord, Massachusetts. For an excerpt, read on...


LOSER: Whistleblower On The Unemployment Line. Unpublished 300-page, autobiographical novel critical of America. For an excerpt, read on...


YEAR OF THE CITIZEN. Unpublished 75-page, three-act play critical of a public college in Massachusetts. For an excerpt, read on...


BACKSEAT PROFESSOR. Unpublished 300-page, autobiographical novel critical of a private upstate New York college, written in 1991. For an extract, read on...


ESSAYS IN AND OF FUTILITY. 1,500 pages of essays (many published) critical of higher education, poetry, literature, and America in general. For an extract, read on...


Literary Cartoons. 1,000 highly caustic literary cartoons. Louis Bourgeois of Vox Press was going to publish a manuscript of P. Maudit cartoons and even sent a proof copy, but now the years are slowly passing and nada.



Editor's List of Publications et al

—Published Books and Chapbooks
Stone Woman Chronicles (1988-1989)
Poems from the Gaspeg & Other Finisteres (1988-1989)
Rome Poems (1992)
Notes from the Academy (1993)
Merde in the Tarpits (1994)
Slugs upon Veritas Suckling (1996)
In the Sludge of the Cuckoo’s Nest (1996(
Welcome to Massachusetts: The Fuck You State (1999)
No Lite Te Bastardes Carborundorum (Male Fides Publications, 1997)
Blackballed Albatros (ContraOstrich Press, 2001)
Parrhesiastic Edge (ContraOstrich Press, 2004)
Total Chaos (People’s Press, 2001)
Où c’qui faut pas/Where the Poet Ought Not (Gival Press, 2008)
Oil of Vitriol (Petroglyph Books, 2009)
Sledgehammer (Vox Press, 2012) Not published
Leaves of Democracy/Poems of Heresy (American Dissident Press, 2014)
Triumvirate of the Monkeys: More Poems of Heresy (American Dissident Press, 2014)
Transcendental Trinkets (American Dissident Press, 2014)
Being Then Nothingness (American Dissident Press, 2017)
P. Maudit Lone Literary Sniper. A Sampling of P. Maudit Cartoons (American Dissident Press, 2018)
Ah, O’Neillians! An Irreverent One-Act Play (American Dissident Press, 2018)
—Columnist for Global Free Press (
—Cartoonist for Global Free Press (
—Founding editor. The American Dissident, a 201c3 nonprofit journal of literature, democracy, and dissidence, publishing bi-annually since 1998 (29 issues published)


—Poems. “Questions for Poets in LaLa Landia,” “All the News That Fits the Narrative,”
“Bullshit—Diversion from Truth—Divide and Conquer.” New English Review ( May.
—Travel Essay and Photos. “The Road to Big Brook.” Downhome magazine. April. (also online:
—Mentioned in a Newfoundland blog post (“Hire Tod Slone…):
—Editorial, Essays, and Poems. The American Dissident. Issue #35. April.


—Three Photos.
—Editorial, Essays, and Poems. The American Dissident. Issue #34. November.
—Letter to The Telegram. “The Other Side of the Conversation: Illegal in Canada? Oct. 24.
—Letter to The Telegram. “Searching for the Truth about Resettlement.”
—Interview and Photos. “Sure Shots Featuring G. Tod Slone.” Downhome. March.
—Editorial, Essays, and Poems. The American Dissident. Issue #33. March.


—Guest Editorial. “Self-Congratulating, Self-Beclowning Journalists.” Scragged. Dec.
—Letter to the Editor. “Hillary’s Loss, a Triumph of Awareness.” The Telegram, St. John’s, Newfoundland. November.
—Letter to the Editor. “Let’s Talk about Democracy.” Middlebury Magazine. Fall 2016.
—Travel Essay and Photos. “One Fantastic Island.” Downhome. Sept.
—Letter to the Editor. “What Conversation?” Middlebury Magazine. Spr 2016.
—Essay. “In Praise of Euphemism: Hail to the Next Spinner-in-Chief.” Global Free Press. Mar.
—Poem and Photo. “Avalon” and “Open Hall.” Endicott College.
—Essay. “’15 Threats to Free Speech 2015’—An Egregious and Purposeful Omission.” Global Free Press. Feb.
—Letter to the Editor. “Newfoundland, You Are So Much More Than I Expected.”,-you-are-so-much-more-than-I-expected/1. The Telegram, St. John’s, Newfoundland. January.
—Editorial, Essays, and Poems. The American Dissident. Issue #32 & 33. April and October.


—Essay. “Diversity Makes You Conform or Else.” Global Free Press. Dec.
—Editorial, Essays, and Poems. The American Dissident. Issue #30. Oct.
—Essay. “Civility in a Nutshell.” Global Free Press. Sept.
—Essay. “The Peculiar Art of Justifying Suppression of Free Speech.” Global Free Press. Aug.
—Letter to the Editor. “Bullshit Is Bullshit.” City Paper. Baltimore. 4/29/15.
—Essay. “Humans We’re Losing the Race… Against Politically-Correct Ideology.” Global Free Press. August.
—Essay. “Free Speech, Fundament of Democracy and Equality.” The Global Free Press. May.
—Essay. “PEN, an Ethical Consideration: Part II.” The Global Free Press. May.
—Essay. “Notes on ‘Professor Fragility’.” The Global Free Press. April.
—Cartoons. Numerous socio-political cartoons for Global Free Press periodically throughout the year.
—Editorial and articles. The American Dissident. Issue #29. March 31.
—Essay. “The Pork Temple: Another Monument to Oligarchy.” The Global Free Press. March 31.
—Essay. “Ideology must Not Trump Reason and Fact. A Counter Editorial.” The Global Free Press. February 20.
—Essay. “Massacre in Paris: The Devil’s Disciples.” The Global Free Press. January.


—Travel Essay and Photos. “Misadventures in Newfoundland. Downhome. Nov.
—Editorial and articles. The American Dissident. Issue #28. Sept.
—Open Letter to the Commissioners of the Barnstable County Human Rights Commission. The Global Free Press. August
—Cartoon: Law Professor Jonathan Turley Blog Site. “The Professors.” August 27.
—Letter to the Editor. The Phoenix. Sarah Lawrence College. August 28.
—Editorial and articles. The American Dissident. Issue #27. April.
—Photo exhibit. “Eye on Newfoundland and Labrador.” Camel Saloon.
—Letter to PEN America. Camel Saloon. August.
—Essay. “Death of a Co-opted Poet: Should We Weep?” Camel Saloon. . July.
—Video. P. Maudit at the Barnstable County Commissioners meeting April 30, 2014:


—Letter to the Editor. The Main Sheet (Cape Cod Community College) regarding “An Incident at Wilkens Library.” 10/18.
—Essay. “An Incident at Wilkens Library.” Global Free Press. October 3.
—Open Letter. “Banned Books Week and the 224th Anniversary of the Bill of Rights.”
—Essay. Dereliction of Duty: Journalists without Journalistic Principles. Global Free Press. April.
—Editor/publisher. The American Dissident #25. March.
—Essay. “Pen: An Ethical Consideration Updated.” Global Free Press. March.
—Poem. "Just the Lowly Neighborhood Pariah..." My Favorite Bullet. February.
—Cartoons. Global Free Press.
—Cartoon. “Navigating Free Speech: Citizen Maudit,” “The Professors: Satire 101,” and “The USSR Then Versus the USA Today.” Student Operated Press. February.

—Editor/publisher. The American Dissident #23 and #24.

—Poem. “And This They Call Democracy.” The Endicott Review. Endicott College. Spring.
—Poem and Cartoon. “In a Society of Whores” and “Citizen Maudit.” The Sovereign. Brooklyn, NY. August.
—Letter to the Editor. The Sovereign. Brooklyn, NY. July.
—Watercolor Exhibit. “Estoit il lors temps de moy taire.” Sturgis Library. Barnstable, MA. September.
—Interview. “The art of confrontation and free speech.” The Barnstable Patriot. April 8.
—Poems. “The Frozen in Mind (The Donkeys vs. the Elephants)” and “The Great Existential Conundrum.” The Camel Saloon

—Literary Cartoons and Interview. “The P. Maudit Exhibit.” The Camel Saloon.
—Literary Cartoons. “Satire” and “An Unusual Opinion at the Local Writers Workshop.” Writing on the Edge. University of California at Davis.
—Short Story. “Stun Gun.” Tulane Review. Tulane University.
—Poems. “Write What You Know,” “Status Quo,” “Wisdom from the Used Magazine Box in the Public Library,” “Poets Laureate, Puppets of the
State,” and “The Buildings.” Virgogray Press.
—Poem. “A Popular Vicious Circle.” The Sovereign (New York, NY). January.
—Poems. “Chains, or the Necessity of Samizdat,” “Dudes My Age,” “Phoneheads,” “Sunset over Shit Lawn,” and “This Poem Is Taboo, and If You Don’t Know Why (You Forgot about the Dog House Out Back).” The Camel Saloon
—Political Cartoon. “The American School of Journalism.” National Free Press (
—Poem. “Poem for the Blind Patriot.” Sovereign-News. Brooklyn, NY. April.
—Political Cartoon. “Citizen Maudit.” Sovereign-News. Brooklyn, NY. April.
—Poems. “Cellphone Man” and “The Capitalist University.” Zygote in My Coffee.
—Photo. “The Swamp Monster.” The Concord Journal. 12/31/09.
—Guest Editorial. “Tuxedo Literature.” Small Press Review. Sept/Oct 2009.
—Essay. “Censored by the Publicly-Funded Academy of American Poets.” Journal of Information Ethics. Fall 2009. $50 honorarium.
—Invited semester poet. Endicott College. 02/19/09. $100 honorarium.
—Poetry chapbook (50 pp). Oil of Vitriol. Petroglyph Books (Riverside, CA). [book assigned by Prof. Dan Sklar of Endicott College for his
writing classes]
—Novel excerpt. “Quotidian Back and Forthing.” The Broken Plate (Ball State University, Muncie, IN).
—Poems. “Teaching Philosophy,” “Apostate,” “Mind-Blowing,” and “The Capitalist University.” The Recusant (
—Poems. “Cellphone Man” and “The Capitalist University.” Zygote in my Coffee.
—Poems. “Teaching Philosophy.” Unfettered Verse.
—Commissioned Political Cartoon. “Danish Cartoonist Kurt Westergaard at Yale—Free Speech in Peril. $25. J. P. Christiansen.
—Poem. “The Capitalist University.” The Teacher’s Voice: A Literary Magazine for Poets and Writers in Education (www.the-teachers-
—Two Poems and an Essay. “Poem #4 for the Edification of Lit Cogs,” “Artistic Excellence…” and “The Case for Counterfriction Reviews.”
Endicott Review (Endicott College, Beverly, MA).
—Play. “Ah, O'Neillians!” Lady Jane’s Miscellany (Summer 2009) and Spectrum (Northeastern University).
—Literary cartoon. “True Tales from the Bottom-Feeding Grounds of Academe” and “Writers on the Edge… of the Swimming Pool.”
Writing on the Edge (Univ. of California at Davis)
—Poem. “The Pavlovian Crux.” Poetic Voices without Borders 2. Gival Press.
—Review. Indoctrinate U. Journal of Information Ethics.
—Editor/publisher/contributor/layout. The American Dissident (A Journal of Literature, Democracy and Dissidence), professionally printed,
containing poetry, essays, literary cartoons, literary letters, and book reviews in English, French and/or Spanish. Issue #18. (Winter Spring) and
Issue #19 (Summer/Fall).
—Essay. “You’ve Been Spam Foldered: The Librarian as Public Censor and Arbiter of Public Taste.” Counterpoise (Gainesville, FL).
—Literary cartoon. “Lit Rogue of the Month.” Carey Nelson (AAUP president) homepage (
—Review. Reinventing Collapse by Dimitri Orlov. Counterpoise (Gainesville, FL).
—Literary cartoon. “The Poets.” 2River (
—Literary cartoon. “Sellout Beatniks, Hippies, and Punks in Their Own Words: Gary Snyder.” The Beat Generation Dot Net
—Poetry Book (Bilingual French/English, both versions by the authro). Où c’qui faut pas/Where the Poet Ought Not. 168 pp. Gival Press
(Arlington, VA). [book used by Prof. Dan Sklar of Endicott College for his writing classes]
—Front-page story/interview regarding the art exhibit and The American Dissident. The Concord Journal.
—Art exhibit. “Literature, Dissidence & Democracy.” Twenty-five watercolors (juried exhibit) in the Concord Free Public Library Art Gallery for
the month of August.
—Interview. (eight pages and cover feature photo) By Leila Adams, managing editor of Counterpoise (Gainesville, FL).
—Poem. “Man sleeping in Car, Citizen Expulsed.” SP Quill Quarterly Magazine.
—Letter to the Editor. “No Trespassing: The Watertown Free Public Library.” The Watertown Tab & Press. 11/28/08
—Guest Editorial. “Mighty Muzzling Machine of the American Oligarchy.” Small Press Review (Paradise, CA). July/August 2008.
—Essay. “Two Best Lines.” Pemmican: An Online Magazine of Poetry.
—Review. Beyond Bullets: The Suppression of Dissent in the United States. By Jules Boykoff. Counterpoise (Gainesville, FL).
—Review. A Massacre Foretold. Counterpoise (Gainesville, FL).
—Literary Survey. This survey was sent to over 130 high-end literary journals. Counterpoise (Gainesville, FL).
—Review. Getting a Grip on Money and Politics by Frances Moore Lappe. Counterpoise (Gainesville, FL).
—Essay. “In Bad Taste: A Critical Essay Illustrated by The Best American Poetry 2007 et al.” Left Behind: A Journal of "Shock" Literature and
Cosmoetica (
—Essay and poems. “Open Letter to Henry David Thoreau #10” (From Transcendental Trinkets), “View from the Desolate Humanscape,” “In the
Heart of the Cloaque,” and “With Tongues of Silence.” Endicott Review, Endicott College (Beverly Farms, MA).
—Editor/publisher/Contributor. The American Dissident (A Journal of Literature, Democracy and Dissidence), professionally printed, containing
poetry, essays, literary cartoons, literary letters, and book reviews in English, French and/or Spanish. Issue #17
—Poems. “The Mill.” Quercus Review (Modesto Junior College, CA).
—Display exhibit. The American Dissident, a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit literary journal I founded in 1998, was invited to set up a display as part of
Thoreau Society’s “Legacy of Disobedience” presentation at the Tsongas Gallery (Walden Pond State Reservation) January-February.
—Poems. “Citizen Co-opted” and “Buk Review.” Verdad Magazine Volume Four (Los Angeles, CA).
—Essay. “An American Poet Censored by the Academy of American Poets: A Blatant Case of Recent Censorship by an American Literary
Institution.” Underground Literary Alliance (
—Review. Our Enemies in Blue: Police and Power in America by Kristian Williams. Counterpoise (Gainesville, FL).
—Review. Turning the Tide: Journal of Anti-Racist Action, Research & Education. Counterpoise (Gainesville, FL).
—Review. The Last Days of Democracy by Elliot D. Cohen & Bruce W. Fraser. Counterpoise (Gainesville, FL).
—Review. Poetry magazine. Small Press Review (Paradise, CA). Sept/Oct 2007. Small Press Review (Paradise, CA).
—Essay Review. (10 pages) The Best American Poetry 2007. Vox (Oxford, MI)
—Guest editorial. “Censored by the Academy of American Poets.” Small Press Review (Paradise, CA), September/October.
—Interview and Poem. “G. Tod Slone Interviewed” and “When Fighting the Battle of Fools.” Poesy Magazine (Santa Cruz, CA). April.
—Essay. “The Cold Passion for Truth Hunts in No Pack.” The Modern Review. $150 honorarium. Winter.
—Review. Alternative Publishers of Books in North America. Counterpoise (Gainesville, FL).
—Interview. Concord Public Television (CPTV) interviewed me and airs the interview periodically.
—Review. Visions of Peace & Justice: Over 30 Years of Political Posters. Counterpoise (Gainesville, FL).
—Review. Academe. Bulletin of the American Association of University Professors. Paula M. Krebs, Editor. Counterpoise (Gainesville, FL).
—Review. Short Course in Intellectual Self-Defense. Norman Baillargeon. Counterpoise (Gainesville, FL).
—Review. Corporate Crooks: How Rogue Executives Ripped off Americans... and Congress Helped Them Do It! Greg Farrell. Counterpoise.
—Review. The Republic of Poetry. Martin Espada. Counterpoise (Gainesville, FL).
—Editor/publisher/Contributor. The American Dissident (A Journal of Literature, Democracy and Dissidence), professionally printed, containing
poetry, essays, literary cartoons, literary letters, and book reviews in English, French and/or Spanish. Issue #16.
—Review. Democracy on Deadline. A Film by Calvin Skaggs. Counterpoise (Gainesville, FL).
—Review. Iraq: A War. Photographs by the Associated Press. Counterpoise (Gainesville, FL).
—Review. Reel Bad Arabs: How Hollywood Vilifies a People. Counterpoise (Gainesville, FL).
—Review. Seasonal Fires: New and Selected Poems. Ingrid de Kok. Counterpoise (Gainesville, FL).
—Review. Donatello 's Version. James Scully. Counterpoise (Gainesville, FL).
—Photos. "Grosse-Ile 1" and "Grosse-Ile 2." The Raven Chronicles. Seattle, WA.
—Literary cartoons (en français). “Toujours le pacte” and “Guidoune de la presse heureuse.” Steak Haché (Montréal). March.
—Editor/publisher/Contributor. The American Dissident (A Semiannual Literary Journal of Critical Thinking), professionally printed, containing
poetry, essays, literary cartoons, literary letters, and book reviews in English, French and/or Spanish. Issue #15 (Summer/Fall).
—Guest column. “How to Muzzle the Student Newspaper.” The Gramblinite, 2/1/07
—Guest column. “Higher Education’s Role in Democracy’s Demise.” The News-Star (Monroe, LA). 1/28/07
—Autobiographical novel. The Poet. 743 pages. Lémeac (Montréal) currently considering it. “Je vous lis présentement, j'aime ça. Beaucoup.”
(Jean Barbe, Directeur).
—Review. Tales of the Out & the Gone. Short Stories by Amiri Baraka. Counterpoise (Gainesville, FL).
—Review. Howl on Trial: The Battle for Free Expression. Counterpoise (Gainesville, FL).
—Review. A Velvet Revolution: Vaclav Havel and the Fall of Communism. Counterpoise (Gainesville, FL).
—Review. Imperial Grand Strategy by Noam Chomsky. Counterpoise (Gainesville, FL).
—Review. Provincetown Arts. Counterpoise (Gainesville, FL).
—Review. Small Press Review. Counterpoise (Gainesville, FL).
—Literary cartoon (en français). “L’œil critique vers mou.” Steak Haché (Montréal). February.
—Review. New Orleans, Mon Amour by Andrei Codrescu. Counterpoise (Gainesville, FL).
—Review. Imperial Grand Strategy by Noam Chomsky. Counterpoise (Gainesville, FL).
—Review. Conversations with Professor Y by Louis-Ferdinand Celine. Counterpoise (Gainesville, FL).
—Review. Rattle: Poetry for the 21st Century. Counterpoise (Gainesville, FL).
—Editor/publisher/Contributor. The American Dissident (A Semiannual Literary Journal of Critical Thinking), professionally printed, containing
poetry, essays, literary cartoons, literary letters, and book reviews in English, French and/or Spanish. Issue #14 (Fall/Winter).
—Novel excerpt (en français). “Le Poète.” Moebius (Montréal).
—Photograph. “On Top of the Dixie.” The Ruston Daily Leader. Ruston, LA. 11/01/06
—Review. 100 Essential Poems. Selected and Introduced by Joseph Parisi.
—Literary cartoon (en français). “Poète Error Message” and “Poètes sous contrat universitaire.” Steak Haché (Montréal). December.
—Review. The Best American Poetry 2006. Rattle: Poetry for the 21st Century (Studio City, CA).
—Review. Poetry & Protest: A Dennis Brutus Reader. Counterpoise (Gainesville, FL).
—Guest column. “A Violent Assault… and Some Consequent, Perhaps Offensive Thought.” The Gramblinite (Grambling State University).
December 10.
—Poem (en français). “L’Orthodoxie des poètes de la machine.”  Steak Haché (Montréal). November.
—Poem (en français). “Curiosités de salon.”  Steak Haché (Montréal). August.
—Poem (en français). “Etre populaire n’a rien à voir.”  Steak Haché (Montréal). July.
—Guest column. “In Search of Veritas.” The Gramblinite (Grambling State University). October 26.
—Review. Hard Night by Christian Wiman. Ibbetson Press (Somerville, MA) and Counterpoise.
—Editor/publisher/Contributor. The American Dissident (A Semiannual Literary Journal of Critical Thinking), professionally printed, containing
poetry, essays, literary cartoons, literary letters, and book reviews in English, French and/or Spanish. Issue #13 (Spring/Summer).
—Essay. “A Visit to the Senior Center Autobiography Class.” Healdsburg Tribune, August 3, 3006
—Literary cartoon (en français). “Ecole Nationale de Poésie 2.”  Steak Haché (Montréal). April.
—Literary cartoon (en français). “Ecole Nationale de Poésie.”  Steak Haché (Montréal). March.
—Essay. “Prozac or Poetry.” The Rogue Voice (Cayucos, CA). May.
—Guest column. “Higher Education, Big Business, and the Failing American Democracy (Or Why Professors Should Be Less Concerned with
Collegiality, the Alumni Association, and Job Security, While Much More Concerned with Truth and Democracy).” The Gramblinite (Grambling State University). April 7.
—Literary cartoons (en français). “Thanatopraxie” and “Gilles Vigneault: poète indépendantiste.”  Steak Haché (Montréal). February.
—Poems and Literary cartoon. “The Old Beats,” “On Those Rare Occasions in American Society, Gut Honesty Can Bring a Handsome Buck” and “Few Poets Will Admit What They Really Are or Have Become.” Bukowski Review 4, Spring/Summer 2006
—Review. Acadian Redemption: From Beausoleil Broussard to the Queen’s Royal Proclamation. Warren A. Perrin. Counterpoise
—Poem (en français). “A détruire: Le mythe du poète lauréat.”  Steak Haché (Montréal). Janvier.

—Editor/Publisher/Contributor. The American Dissident (A Semiannual Literary Journal of Critical Thinking), professionally printed, containing poetry, essays, literary cartoons, literary letters, and book reviews in English, French and/or Spanish. Issue #12. Summer/Fall.
—Review. Ralph’s Revolt: The Case for Joining Nader’s Rebellion by Greg Bates. Counterpoise (Gainesville, FL).
—Review. We Want Freedom by Mumia Abu-Jamal. Counterpoise (Gainesville, FL).
—Essay. “Prozac or Poetry: What Difference?” The Angry Poet: An Alternative Arts Showcase ( January.
—Review. We Want Freedom by Mumia Abu-Jamal. Counterpoise (Gainesville, FL).
—Literary Cartoon. “The Secular Heretic 2.” The Gramblinite (Grambling State University).
—Review. Lilies and Cannonballs Review. Counterpoise (Gainesville, FL).
—Editor/publisher. Between Death Row and Pri$neyland by Dahn Shaulis, a prison social worker. 48 pp. Poetry and essays. ContraOstrich Press.
—Poem (en français). “Nationalisme, patriotisme et indépendantisme chez le poète.”  Steak Haché (Montréal). December.
—Community Newspaper Company Photo Contest Winner. “The Leafblowers.” $100 prize. 254 Second Ave., Needham, MA
—Guest Editorial and Cartoon. “Living in the Truth” and “The Secular Heretic.” The Gramblinite (Grambling State University). Nov. 17
—Interview. "The Creative Process.” The Angry Poet: An Alternative Arts Showcase ( October 21
—ULA Monday Report. "Protest and Parhesiastes."  Underground Literary Alliance ( Week of October 31
—Voice of the Week.  "Sermonette for a Sermonette." The Angry Poet: An Alternative Arts Showcase ( October 21
—Editor/publisher. The American Dissident (A Semiannual Literary Journal of Critical Thinking in the Samizdat Tradition of Engaged Writing
against the Machine, Providing a Forum for Examining the Dark Side of the Academic/Literary Industrial Complex), professionally printed,
containing poetry, essays, literary cartoons, literary letters, and book reviews in English, French and/or Spanish. Issue #12. Summer/Fall.
—Review. Vallum. Counterpoise (Gainesville, FL).
—Literary cartoon (en français). “M’enfin, on n’est pas tous dupes ! (2)”  Steak Haché (Montréal). September.
—Review. The Sun. Counterpoise (Gainesville, FL).
—Literary cartoon (en français). “M’enfin, on n’est pas tous dupes !”  Steak Haché (Montréal). August.
—Review. Line Break: Poetry as Social Practice by James Scully. Counterpoise (Gainesville, FL).
—Letter to the editor. “We Must Make the Academic Workplace More Humane and Equitable.” Chronicle of Higher Education. April 22.
—Literary cartoon (en français). “Fière guidoune de la presse.”  Steak Haché (Montréal). June.
—Poem and literary cartoon (en français). “Cerbère des abîmes littéraires qui gueule ‘touche pas a nous aut’ !!!’”  and “Le Commissaire de
Poème-Parking. ”  Steak Haché (Montréal). July.
—Poem and literary cartoon (en français). “La Mort subite.”  Steak Haché (Montréal). April.
—Letter to the editor. “A Call for Rude Truth.” The Healdsburg Tribune (Healdsburg, CA) 5/25.
—Review. On the Ground. Fanny Howe. Counterpoise (Gainesville, FL).
—Letter to the editor. “On the Same… Wrong Page.” Concord Journal. 03/30
—Review. Little Stones at My Window/Piedritas en la ventana. Mario Benedetti. Counterpoise (Gainesville, FL).
—Anthology. “Panégyrique pour l’emmerdeur” and “Appellation Contrôlée… dites Liberté.” Poetic Voices without Borders. Gival Press.
—Poem. “Viens voir le revers de la gloire…” Ancrages, Revue acadienne de création littéraire (Moncton, New Brunswick).
—Essay. “Refus Global 2.” Centre for Media Alternatives–Quebec (
—Review. La Rebelde. Leonor Villegas de Magnón. Counterpoise (Gainesville, FL,
—Poem. “Pearls before… An Unauthorized Tor House Poem.” VS., An Online Journal of Deliberative Poetry.
—Essay. “Cold Passion.” The Orphan Leaf Review (Bristol, England).
—Letter to the editor. “Penn-Ultimate.” Boston Globe. 1/16.
—Poem. “Herméneutique proscrite.” Möebius (Montreal). Summer.
—Review. On the Ground. Alternative Press Review. Counterpoise.
—Review. Literature and Revolution. Leon Trotsky. Counterpoise.
—Editor/publisher. The American Dissident (A Semiannual Literary Journal of Critical Thinking in the Samizdat Tradition of Engaged Writing
against the Machine, Providing a Forum for Examining the Dark Side of the Academic/Literary Industrial Complex), professionally printed,
containing poetry, essays, literary cartoons, literary letters, and book reviews in English, French and/or Spanish. Issue #11. Winter/Spring.


—Essay. “Censoring Voices Too Critical of Critical Thinking Courses, Collegiality, Civility, and the General War Against Negativity.”
Journal of Information Ethics. $35 honorarium.
—Poem and sociopolitical illustration.  “Post Mortem Interview” and “Sometimes I Find Myself Driving to Work and Suddenly Realize…”
The Bukowski Review.
—Guest editorial. “Statements of Principles of Academic Integrity: Pertinent or Hollow?” $30 honorarium. Committee for Accountability and Reform in Education ( March/April.
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—Essay. “The Cold Passion for Truth Hunts in No Pack (Why Poetry Doesn’t Matter or the Case for Parrhesiastic Poetry and Poets).” Pacific Coast Journal (Carlsbad, CA).
—Letter to the editor. “Why I Shall Not Be Voting.” The Concord Journal. 10/21/04.
—Letter to the editor. “Paying Twice for the Annual Auto Inspection Fee.” The Concord Journal. 9/18//04.
—Poetry chapbook. Parrhesiastic Edge. 64 pages. ContraOstrich Press.
—Editor/publisher. The American Dissident (A semiannual literary journal in the samizdat tradition of engaged writing providing a forum for examining the dark side of the Academic/Literary Industrial Complex), professionally printed and containing poetry, essays, literary cartoons, and book reviews in English, French and Spanish. Issue #10. Summer/Fall.

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merde à l’indépendance ” and “Le Public.” Steak Haché (Montréal). April.
—Poem and literary cartoon (en français). “Fouillé à vif ” and “Recipe to Combat Human Cacophony: Howl a Poem.” Steak Haché. March.
—Poem and literary cartoon (en français). “Vente aux enchères” and “Le Livre noir du Québec français.” Steak Haché. February.
—Poem and literary cartoon (en français). “Entre deux eaux” and “Le Poète maquereau et l’état corrupteur.” Steak Haché. January.

—Autobiographical narrative (offbeat). Total Chaos (315 pp), The People’s Press. Baltimore, MD.
—Autobiographical narrative (offbeat). Berthing 02-31-2. 220 pp. Unpublished.
—Poem and literary cartoon. “Witnesses of the Darkness,” “Sisyphus,” “Still Life Man,” and “Professor of Poetry.” A Hudson View (New York, NY). SkylinePublications. December.
—Poem (en français). “Poème anarchiste numéro 1837 pour vous faire réfléchir… et peut-être vous faire chier car contre toute orthodoxie qui rend amblyope et doit tôt ou tard avoir recours aux mensonges et hypocrisies.” Le Québécois (journal indépendantiste). December.
—Poem and literary cartoon (en français). “Haines et dénonciations” and “The New Patriots.” Steak Haché (Montréal). December.
—Poem and literary cartoon (en français). “Forgé par l’injustice,” “Guidoune de service” and “Rue St-Denis.” Steak Haché. November.
—Essay. “Drowning Healthy Dissent… with Deluge of Positivism.” Bennett Banner (Bennett College). November.
—Op-ed. “Misguided Leadership, Donuts, and the First Amendment.” News & Record (Greensboro, NC). 11/03.
—Poem in anthology. "Waiting to Leave Vineyard Haven." Martha's Vineyard: A Collection. Midnightmind.
—Poem in anthology. "Upon the Nantucket." Nantucket: A Collection (
—Guest editorial. “An Act of Literary Protest.” Small Press Review. January/February.
—Poem. “Alone on Ice Pond.” Bathtub Gin. #10. Bloomington, IN.
—Poem and sociopolitical illustration (en français). “Poètes sans huevos” and “Poètes à vendre.” Steak Haché (Montréal), October.
—Sociopolitical illustration. “Surprise at the Writers’ Workshop” ($10 honorarium). Oct-Nov.
—Poem and sociopolitical illustrations (en français). “Après la bataille… retour à la solitude, “Herméneutique proscrite” and “Les Poètes.” Steak
Haché. September.
—Poems and sociopolitical illustrations (en français). “Le Malcontent malcontenté de ma malcontentitude m’accuse d’être malcontent,” “Cuite,
lecture et Steak,” “P. Maudit à l’Inspecteur Epingle,” “Prix langue du feu,” and “Le Chef.” Steak Haché (Montréal), August.
—Op-ed. “Colleges Lack Wholesome Skepticism.” News & Record (Greensboro, NC). 8/25.
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—Poetry reading (en français). Invited French-language poet at L’Inspecteur Epingle (Montreal). June.
—Poem and literary cartoon (en français). “Poètes à vendre” and “Tributaire.” Steak Haché, June.
—Literary cartoon. “The Critic’s Dilemma” ($10 honorarium). Aug-Sept.
—Op-ed. “On National Poetry Month: Prozac or Poetry, What Difference?” News & Record (Greensboro, NC). 5/7.
—Literary cartoon. “PhD” ($5 honorarium). June.
—Literary cartoon. “Public Writer” ($5 honorarium). May.
—Poem. “Winter Walk in the Great Field.” ($20 honorarium).
—Essay and literary cartoon (en français). “Au Québec la poésie fout le camp… comme ailleurs d’ailleurs.” Le Québécois (journal
indépendantiste). June.
—Accepted lecture proposal. “Voyage au bout de la nuit: le chaos pour démontrer l’inanité de l’ordre.” State University of West Georgia. The Internatonal Conference on Chaos & Order in Literature and the Visual Arts, Including Cinema. Nov. 8-10 2002.
—Poem and literary cartoon (en français). “Poètes à vendre” and “Tributaire.” Steak Haché, June.
—Poem and literary cartoon (en français). “Défense de parler franc” and “P. Maudit.” Steak Haché, May.
—Poem and literary cartoon (en français et/y español). “Haines et dénonciations” and “Serán nombrados.” Steak Haché. April.
—Poems and literary cartoon (en français). “Reniement classique,” “Interdit aux poètes non initiés” and “Poet Laureates. ” Steak Haché.
—Literary cartoon. “MFA Poetry Class” ($5 honorarium). April.
—Excerpt, poem and literary cartoon (en français). “Parler courtois… ou parler franc au Festival International de la Poésie de Trois-Rivières, 2001: Journal d’un poète américain révolté,” “Vive le Québec… muselé” and “Les Organes littéraires” Steak Haché, Feb.
—Literary cartoon. “The Literary Agent” ($5 honorarium). March.
—Three textbook reviews. Arriba, ¡Hola Amigos! and Deux Mondes ($30 honoraria).
—Letter to the editor. “Love It or Leave It, a Sad Familiar Tune.” News & Record. Greensboro, NC.
—Literary cartoon. “Hire a Poet” ($5 honorarium). February.
—Poem and literary cartoon (en français). “Poètes aux vers domptés”  and “Poète connu, gueule fermée.” Steak Haché, Jan.
—Literary cartoon. “College Creative Writing Course” ($5 honorarium). January.
—Poems. “Corbeau in Eye” and “Job Ad from Allan Hancock College.” Wired Art from Wired Hearts (
—Editorial et al. The American Dissident (Truth, Wisdom, and Protest in Poetry and Writing in the Spirit of Revolutionary Patriots), professionally
printed semiannual literary journal of poetry, essays, cartoons, and reviews in English, French and Spanish (editorial, illustration/cartoons, two poems, layout, translations, editing of submissions and general marketing). Issue #6. Spring/ Summer.

—Poetry chapbook. Blackballed Albatross. 56 pages. ContraOstrich Press.
—Autobiographical narrative (offbeat). Suburbanitica. 220 pp. Unpublished.
—Collection of essays. In and of Futility. Volume II. 300 pp. Unpublished.
—Poem and literary cartoon (en français). “La Poésie : Leçon 1ere” and “Monument aux poètes connus et vendus.” Steak Haché. December.
—Poem and literary cartoon (en français). “La Liberté de la parole, mon tabarnak!” and “Le Silence des poètes.” Steak Haché. November.
—Letter to the editor. “Bennett Story Needs Further Investigation.” News & Record. Greensboro, NC.
—Poem. “Hawking on the Battle Front.” Baker Street. Minotaur Press. Oakland, CA.
—Essay. “Postface to Préface.” Poetry New Zealand.
—Literary cartoon. “Rejected Proposal” ($5 honorarium). December.
—Poetry Readings (Invited poet, translated 65 of my poems into French to be read during the ten-day conference at various scheduled functions, also translated two Ken Saro-Wiwa poems to be read at the Amnistie Internationale segment of the festival—all expenses paid). Festival International de la Poésie de Trois-Rivières 2001 (150 invited poets from 30 countries).
—Literary cartoon. “Hardcore Critic” ($5 honorarium). November.
—Literary cartoon. “Chicago Style” ($5 honorarium). October.
—Editorial et al. The American Dissident. Issue #5. Fall/Winter.
—Black & white photograph. “Dos Chiquitas and Car” ($5 honorarium). September.
—Literary cartoon. “The Eighth Deadly Sin: Ax-Grinding” ($5 honor.). Sept.
—Letter to the editor and cartoon, Alternative Press Review, Summer.
—Literary cartoon. “Poetics 101” ($5 honorarium). Writers Graphic August.
—Literary cartoon. “Demons Catching up to the Writer” ($5 honor.). July.
—Poems. “Satraps, Left or Right” and “Always Sameness in the Corporate Sphere.” Wired Art from Wired Hearts (Nov/Dec).
—Literary cartoon. “The Ideal Writing Space 2” ($5 honorarium). June.
—Literary cartoon. “The Ideal Writing Space” ($5 honorarium). May.
—Literary cartoon. “Freelance Writer of Critical Essays” ($5 honor.). Apr.
—Poem. “Gluteal Circles” ($10 honorarium). Mind Kites.
—Poems. “Always Over Yonder,” “The United States of Clones,” and “Tradition, American Style.” The U. S. Latino Review (Kew Gardens, NY).
—Play. Berthing 02-31-2. One-act tragicomedy of academic mores. 56pp. Unpublished.
—Editorial et al. The American Dissident. Issue #4. Spring/Summer.
—Poems and literary cartoon. “Ballade of the Flock Apathetic,” “The Tissue of Artisans,” “The United Sheepdom of America,” and “In
America,” and “Oscar Wilde and P. Maudit.” (San Marino, CA).
—Poem. “In the Suburbanitic Gardens off Main Street” ($2 honorarium). Voyage (England). April.
—Literary cartoon. “Ax-Grinding Critic” ($5 honorarium). March.
—Literary cartoon. “Poète maudit” ($5 honorarium). February.

—Monograph. Henrik Ibsen’s An Enemy of the People (36pp, $500 honorarium). (Los Angeles, CA).
—Monograph. Louis-Ferdinand Céline’s Journey to the End of Night (36pp, $500 honorarium). Instant
—Poem. “Beware the Janus Statesman.” Struggle: A Magazine of Proletarian Revolutionary Literature (Detroit, MI). Fall/Summer.
—Poems. “Gladiators on the Stage of National Theater” and “Cervelles sautées à l’américaine” (two poems). MyWebPress (
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—Sociopolitical illustration. “Where’s the Critic?” New Writers Consultancy.
—Editorial et al. The American Dissident. Issue #3. Fall/Winter.
—Black & white cover photo for J.J. Campbell’s poetry chapbook Just Add Water, Phony Lid Press (Rosemead, CA).
—Essay. “Poetry in America Today: Hype and Entertainment as a Means, Fame and Diversion as an End” ($20 honorarium). Northwoods Journal. (Conservatory of American Letters, Thomaston, ME). Spring.
—Essay. “A Bas the Microchip Dildo, Viagra, and Multiflavored Condoms! Wake up Citizens: Sex, not Ecstasy, the New Opium of the People” (20th weekly column, 05/08”—$40 honorarium).
—Essay. “University Professors of the Free World… Under the Yoke Too” (19th weekly column, 05/01”—$40 honorarium).
—Essay. “The Academy of American Poets (i.e., Barnes & Noble,, Alfred Knopf, Inc., the Library of Congress, etc.) Pushing Feel- Good Poesy Down the Gullets of the Nation’s Schoolchildren” (18th weekly column, 04/24”—$40 honorarium).
—Essay. “National Poetry Month: A Time to Bring out April Fools and Poetasters?” (Front Page—17th weekly column, 04/17—$40 honorarium).
—Essay. “Reflections of an Enemy of the People” (16th weekly column, 04/10”—$40 honorarium).
—Essay. “Reaching for the Sun or Money, Money and More Money: Charles Bukowski’s Pulp and Third Volume of Letters” (15th weekly column, 04/03—$40 honorarium).
—Essay. “Academe’s New Conspiracy of Civility” (14th weekly column, 03/29—$40 honorarium).
—Essay. “¡Oye! ¿Como Va?” (13th weekly column, 03/21—$40 honorarium).
—Essay. “The Courage to Speak Out” (12th weekly column, 03/13”—$40 honorarium).
—Essay. “Tall, Grande or Venti: Influence of Education on Entertainment Tastes and Vice Versa” (7th weekly column, 01/31”—$25 honorarium).
—Essay. “Caution: Top Secret (From the Archives of the Massachusetts State College Association)” (11th weekly column, 03/06—$25 honorarium).
—Editorial et al. The American Dissident. Issue #2. Spring/Summer.
—Essay. “Blue Corruption” (10th weekly column, 02/21—$25 honorarium).
—Essay. “Anger, Still One of the Seven Deadly Sins” (9th weekly column, 02/14—$25 honorarium).
—Essay. “People in Glass Houses” (8th weekly column, 02/07—$25 honorarium).
—Essay. “Notes from the Underbelly of Clean-Shaven Airs” (6th weekly column, 01/24—$25 honorarium).
—Essay. “Void of Visceral Indignation: Intellectuals in Safe and/or Upper Positions” (5th weekly column essay, 01/17—$25 honorarium)
—Essay. “The Great Untold Privilege: Tenured in Academe and Getting Away with Murder” (4thweekly column, 1/03—$25 honorarium).

—Collection of essays. In and of Futility. Volume I. 300 pp. Unpublished.
—Essay. “Marrying the Muse with Politics: Paul-Emile Bordua, Canada and Québec’s Most Renowned Painter”
($25 honorarium). The Artesian Well (
—Photograph, front cover. “Two Girls in Oaxaca” ($15 honorarium). Spectacle (Burlington, MA). Fall.
—Essay. “An Experiment in Free Speech” ($30 honorarium). Spectacle (Burlington, MA). Fall.
—Editorial et al. The American Dissident. Premiere Issue. Fall/Spring.
—Chapbook of poetry. Diversionary Vacuousness... Aux Armes Citoyens! Phony Lid Pub. (Rosemead, CA).
—Essay. “On Protest and a Poetry Reading in Concord” ($20 honorarium). Northwoods Journal (Conservatory
of American Letters, Thomaston, ME).
—Essay. “Troublemakers Need Not Apply: The Key to Club Academe” (3rd weekly column, 12/21—$25 honorarium).
—Essay. “From Obscurity, to the Forefront, then Back into Irrelevance: Homelessness or the Inability to Fit into the Mold” (2nd weekly column, 12/07—$25 honorarium).
—Essay. “Open Discussion and the Free Flow of Ideas on Campus: Myth or Reality? What Nobody Dares Say and Why They Don’t: the Texas A & M Tragedy” (1st weekly column essay, 12/07—$25 payment).
—Essay. “American Dreams: Basic, Everyday Rights.” Generator 21: The World’s Magazine
—Essay. “Attacking the Fortress: An Analysis of New York Quarterly.” Phony Lid Publications.
—Essay. “Literature and the All-Mighty” ($10 honorarium). Author World ( and Fish Eggs for the Soul
—Travel essay. “On the Road to Anticosti, Québec” ($50 honorarium). Generator 21: The World’s Magazine
—Cover photo for John Grey’s chapbook The Bum on your Corner, Phony Lid Press.
—Cover photo for David Rowe’s chapbook As the Day Is Long, Phony Lid Press.
—Cover photo for Nathan Graziano’s chapbook A Night at the O’aces, Phony Lid Press.
—Essay and B&W photos. “The Children of Sanchez.” Generator 21: The World’s Magazine
—Travel essay. “Entry Island/Ile d’Entrée, Emerald Beauty” ($50 honorarium). Generator 21: World Magazine of Humor, Satire, and Commentary (
—Translation. “La Marche des femmes de l’an 2000: Entrevue avec Françoise David” by P. Demers and “Sous le thème des droits de la personne: La Russie se met à l'heure des journaux de rue” by E. Cimon (Volunteer translation work French to English). L’Itinéraire (a homeless street paper, Montréal). January and February.
—Essay. “F for Follow, Fawn and Fear: Concord Today and The American Dissident (An Ode to Thoreau and Emerson)” ($20 honorarium). Cyber Oasis: New Writing for a New World (Orinda, CA–
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Angeles, CA). Summer.
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—Essay. “The Happy Culture: At the Core of the High school Massacre” ($5 honorarium). Stark Raving Normal (Rochester, NY). Spring.
—Essay. “Gay, Faggot, Homo: In-Vogue Epithets At Your Local High School.” The Idealist (The Concord Academy, Concord, MA).
—Essay “Anatomy of a Dissident Small Press Editor.” Dot: A Forum of Social Ambiguity. (
—Essay “Fingerinthedamndike.” Mindjuice (
—Poem and sociopolitical illustration. “Laureates of the Guinness” and “Tales from the Literary Establishment.” Phony Lid.
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—Review. The Way of Power by Red Hawk. The America Dissident (Concord, MA).

—Autobiographical narrative (offbeat). Loser: Whistleblower on the Unemployment Line. 199 pp. Unpublished.
—Scholarly article. “Defending the Spanish Language in Catalonia.” Geolinguistics.
—Scholarly article. “In Ottawa it’s English or French or Both Simultaneously.” Geolinguistics.
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All pamphlets were published and circulated by the author
— The Thoreau Society & Walden Pond State Reservation have proven irresponsible in upholding Thoreau’s ideals
—”Public Higher Education: Why It Is Perhaps Doomed To Remain Mediocre, A View From Behind The Scenes In Massachusetts.” 10 pp. 1996.
—”Three Murdered Professors.” 1996.
—”Whither The Idiosyncratic, Creative And Nonconformist?” 3 pp. 1996.
—”Valorizing Academic Freedom As a Means to Combat Rampant Ethical Impropriety In Our Institutions of Higher Education.” 5 pp. 1995.
—”Notes From A Loose Cannon/Canon In The Public Ivory Tower.” 22 pp. 1995.
—”The Need For Reality, Not Self-Congratulation.” 2 pp. 1995.
—”Slogans, Gimmicks & Another Bum Contract For The State Colleges. 1995.
—”Campus Police Evict FSC Professor From McKay Campus.” 1995.
—”A Legacy Of Corruption & Petty Vendetta At Fitchburg State College.” 7 pp. 1995.
—”The Real Legacy Of Vincent J. Mara, Fitchburg State’s Former President.” 1995.
—”Warning: Filing A Sexual Harassment Complaint May Be Dangerous To Your Health.” 6 pp. 1995.

Fellowship & Grant Applications:
—”Public Higher Education: Why It Is Perhaps Doomed To Remain Mediocre, A View From Behind The Scenes In Massachusetts.” Harvard University Fellowship In Ethics And The Disciplines, 1997.
—“Year Of The Citizen.” Massachusetts Cultural Council Fellowship for Playwrights, 1997.
—“Pedestrian Lives” (poetry—photography project). New York State Council on the Arts, 1990.

Unpublished Poetry Translations: (French to English)
—"Autobus Saint-Laurent" by Claude Beausoleil from Une Certaine Fin de Siècle
—"Un Matin à Montréal" by Claude Beausoleil.
—"Saint-Hubert" by Claude Beausoleil.

Unpublished plays
—Year of the Citizen
—Berthing 02-31-2

Essay Collections
—Essays in and of Futility I (300 pp)
—Essays in and of Futility II (300 pp)
—Essays in and of Futility III (300 pp)

Unpublished full-length narratives
—Backseat Professor
—Male Fides
—The Poet